Vitor Lindo is an intrepid Cinematographer and Photographer, with a deep passion for the visual medium. As an independent filmmaker, he has gathered his collection of credits as a Cinematographer and Documentarian in an effort to create quality projects every time he holds a camera. In 2011, Vitor traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to direct a documentary on the secretive world of  “Candomble.” He spent two months living with and documenting the rituals of the controversial Afro-Brazilian faith. The compiled material will be released in a Documentary and Photo-book; both titled “Dancing With Saints.”  Watch his Cinematographer Reel.





Sandra Lindo, a native of Rio de Janeiro, is an actress, writer, director and award-winning Producer. She started her own production company at the age of 21, and over the next fifteen years, she produced Vaudevilles and Musicals, as well as played leading roles in front and behind the curtains. Sandra directed music videos, concerts, and managed performers and singers through EMI Music. She spent four years in Los Angeles where she wrote, produced, directed and starred the award winning short “Laura” in 2009 and did the same triple threat with the feature suspense psychological thriller “Den of Darkness.”  For complete cast and details go www.denofdarknessthemovie.com .